Centre for Gandhian Studies

To inculcate and educate the experiments and experiences of the Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhiji from his childhood is a model for our students. His Non-Violence and Sathiyagraga Philosophy and its importance should be explained as lessons to the Students. His devoted and dedicated hard work throughout his life for getting freedom for India should be illustrated to the students as training programmes. More than 150 valuable bound volumes of books kept for the Centre Purpose for Students and Public reference.


  1. To provide opportunity to students for acquiring knowledge about Gandhiji’s philosophy.
  2. To inculcate the values of Gandhiji among the students.


  1. Developing patriotism among students through series of lectures about Gandhian ideology.
  2. Developing knowledge about Gandhian ideas of commitment and self development .
  3. Department of Social work is responsible for managing the Centre for Gandhian Studies.