Readers Club



A dedicate library for book lovers with a vision of supporting and promoting the reading habit.

Objectives Of Readers Club:

The book reading club has no boundaries. It has a clear aim: to move beyond the prescribed syllabi. The club offers a platform and opportunity to not just discuss book, but to exchange ideas and much more. The objective is to open up as many windows of imagination possible for a student. It seeks to address the problems of reading being confined to a prescription. Readers at the club however, have the liberty to pick up any book to discuss it. This fits into the larger scheme of education, which should be a liberating experience, not a confining and constraining one. The only prescription at the book reading club is to read the book, be it a classic or a contemporary one. It could be English Novels, Short stories, Novella and Essays. Ancient Indian art or development àstudies, and the latest development in the world of Literature.


Book review session will be the platform to review the book from the club to share their ideas and views, other knowledge from the readers.