Vision, Mission & Goal

Madurai Institute of Social Sciences (Autonomous)


Madurai Institute of Social Sciences is an Autonomous & Research centre, affiliated to the Madurai Kamaraj University. The college is first of its result in South India offering courses related to Professional Social Work and Human Research Management.


Madurai Institute of Social Sciences, as a learning organization, strives to educate and develop Human Resources to serve mankind and to establish global peace and prosperity.


Providing Quality Education at affordable cost by designing academic agenda in tune with the changing needs of the society, scanning the external environment through strategic planning, building faculty power in tune with the modern trend in teaching, interacting creatively with the Government and civil society, promoting applied and action research on governance and community problems and establishing System Management.


We at Madurai Institute of Social Sciences believes,
1. The worth and dignity of individual with inherent quality of humanity
2. Excellence through unveiling the knowledge
3. Upholding the spirit of nationalism, global peace and prosperity
4. Communal harmony assimilated with cultural heritage
5. The competency derived out of serving the downtrodden and all sections in the society
6. Handholding for upliftment
7. Development of professional and personal self


To develop human resources to serve mankind and establish global peace and prosperity.


1. To develop worthy citizens with high moral values, deep, professional knowledge, sharpened skills and positive frame of mind.
2. To impart education in accordance with the changing needs of society
3. To inculcate scientific temper in the minds of the students
4. To provide opportunity to the students to have a closer linkage with the civil society
5. To sensitize the student community on the social realties and to prepare them to adequately respond to those realities.
6. To offer field relevant courses and increase the employability of the students.