Alumni association was started on 10.07.1988 with the following objectives:

To build a strong network with Alumni of MISS
To build a rapport with current student community
To maintain and periodically update Alumni database.
To create common interest groups and provide a forum for continuous learning and placement
To organize periodical meetings  in different locations to develop network.
To make use of Alumni expertise for the current students to develop their skills and update the emerging trends in the field.
To provide Training and Consultancy to the Government and Non-Government organizations.
To develop liaison with other National and International Organizations, working for human resource and Social science forum.
To maintain e-groups to share and update current developments in the field.
To provide merit scholarship to deserving students to pursue their studies.

Admission of the members
At the time of admission a sum of Rs.250/- is collected from each student toward the life membership of alumni.