Centre For Local Bodies

The centre which was established to catalyze the process of democratic decentralization. Strives hard to develop a clear vision and strategies to plan and provide an appropriate educational and training intervention to meet the challenges. The centre caters to the needs of people in Madurai city and surrounding rural areas.


  1. To conduct research on specific problems and issues of local self-government institutions and related areas.
  2. To design and develop appropriate multi-mode educational and training intervention
  3. To conduct awareness generation programmes on the schemes available through NABARD and Co-operative Banks regarding financial assistance for development activities


  1. Assisting people in tapping financial resources available in NABARD.
  2. Providing guidance services to self - help groups
  3. Providing learning opportunities to students about Panchayat Raj systems by aquatinting them with the Panchayat Raj members.
  4. Providing   exposure to students on social audit through Grama sabha meeting
  5. Exposing the students to Solid Waste Management

Department of Social Work specialising in the field of Community Development is responsible for running this centre.