Centre For Disaster Management

The Geo-climatic conditions of India and its unique features are behind naturals disasters like floods, droughts, cyclones, earthquakes and Tsunami landslides. Apart from the natural disasters, manmade disasters also threaten human lives and restrict the spread of safety net due to global terrorism. Madurai Institute of Social Sciences has realized that sustenance of development depends wholly on disaster mitigation to be built into the development process. It was established to prepare the people to manage the crisis caused by natural disasters.


  1. To generate awareness about the nature of various natural disasters
  2. To develop skills among people to come back and overcome the crisis of natural disasters.
  3. To undertake Programmes with the aim of creating awareness on disaster management. Disaster preparedness, District conflict through street drama, Posters, Pamphlets, Puppet shows etc.
  4. To undertake action research in the field to assess the needs, to assess the impact and to evaluate the effectiveness of the rehabilitation program of various interest groups working in the area affected by a disaster.


  1. To establish a documentation Centre to assist the NGOs and bodies involved in Disaster Management.
  2. To offer training programmes as Disaster Counselling in collaboration with NIMHANS to different sections of the society, students, homemakers, members of NGOs, members of self-help groups, Villages, School and College Teachers, etc.
  3. To assist other NGOs to prepare a plan of action based on the reality ground and offer professional assistance to make the programme a successful one.

Department of Management Studies is in charge of running the Centre for Disaster Management.