Centre For Studies in Poverty

The main aim of the centre is to provide practical exposure to the students on poverty through the field work in open setting such as slums, rural and tribal villages. The students gain knowledge relating to poverty by organizing seminars and guest lectures about poverty related issues.


  1. To make student trainees aware of the nature of poverty.
  2. To planned excuse activities to eliminate or at least to reduce poverty.
  3. To provide opportunities to students to develop their competence in dealing with poverty.
  4. To sensitize the primary and secondary stakeholders about the issues relating to poverty.
  5. To initiate research works in areas relating to poverty, so as to enrich knowledge & experience in this field.
  6. To document the media reports relating to poverty.
  7. To work in unison with similar agencies to reduce poverty.


  1. Awareness building
  2. Training
  3. Research
  4. Advocacy

Department of Social Work (B.S.W) is in charge of running the Centre for Studies in Poverty.