Centre for Madurai Studies

Established in 1990 by a dedicated teacher Mr. S. Rengasamy of this institute the centre acts as an invaluable and unfailing resource guidance cell to the research studies. The collected and recorded date an aspects like education, health, socio – cultural – economic activities, tourism development. Criminal activities and the like are in fact a home to the research scholars who undertake an in-depth city of this ancient city.


  1. To collect information about various aspects of Madurai
  2. To utilize the collected information about Madurai for various service activities.
  3. To generate information resource about Madurai.
  4. To analyse changes, development and problems which occur in Madurai


  1. Awareness building
  2. The centre will serve as a resource centre for Research Scholars, by providing valuable and necessary information about Health, Culture, Education, Development, Economical aspects as the like.

Department of Social Work (B.S.W) is in charge of running the Centre for Madurai Studies.