Gym & Yoga Centre



Health fitness centre

Lack of physical activities on account mobile of busy modern life and advanced technology like mixie, grinder, laptop, mobile etc eventually causes or enhances the problems like obesity, B.P, diabetes and cholesterol, the remedy for such hazard and complaints largely lies in regular physical exercise. our Health Fitness center equipped with ultra-modern gymnastic instruments takes care of the health of the students & staff.

Role of Medical & Psychiatric Social Work Department

Medical & Psychiatric Social Work department is entrusted with the  responsibility of running the Health Awareness Centre. This department will initiate, co-ordinate and maintain the activities of health awareness centre. Students of this department will be involved in field work activities and they  will be trained to create and maintain awareness for public. So, these students will act as trainees and information providers. If needed this centre will provide opportunities to students of other colleges. This center will render services by networking with NGOs and the resource persons related with this programme.

Yoga Centre


Meditation Centre

The Brahma Kumaris Vishwa Vidyalaya is an international organization working at all levels of society for positive change .The institution carries out a wide range of educational programmes for the development of human and spiritual values through 9000 branches in 120 countries

In each centre, the Institution offers free courses, Work-shops, Seminars and Conferences covering a wide range of topics including self development, co-operative and communication skills and meditation

Raja Yoga Meditation

Raja yoga meditation is meditation in its purest and supreme form in which the individual experiences enlightenment of spiritual education while meditating with eyes wide open.The ultimate aim of this unique form is to enjoy a peacefuls. lovely experience as a result of visualization of union between the self and the supreme Being.This meditation also ensures stability and clarity of mind with peace of mind and contentment.

Yoga Centre

India is the motherland of Yoga. The concept of yoga includes eight steps, Yoga regulates the self of every individual. Yogasanas occupy third step and pranayama occupies fourth step in Yoga. Yogasanas involve particular posture .They squeeze and expand the inner organs and regulate the blood circulation to maintain inner organs well nourished and healthy. As a result health improves. Similarly Pranayama improves the function of lungs and controls heart and mind leading to mental peace.

In order to help the people, training is offered in Yogasanas and Pranayama in the centre in morning and evening. Yogasanas and Pranayama will improve physical and mental health. They will improve the integrity of the person. About 25 important asanas like sarvangasana, sirasasana, uttiyana, nowli, vajjirasana, pathahasthasana etc will be taught. Those who are suffering from illness will be trained more in specific asanas to improve their health.