HOSTELS (Boys and Girls)


A serene atmosphere with a homely living condition is the hallmark of our hostel.  ‘Freedom with responsibility’ is the in built value that nourishes the youngsters in our hostel. Separate hostel facilities are available for boys and girls inside the college campus.


The students who seek admission to the hostel should get application form from the college office. Admission committee of the hostel  reserves the right of admission.
Two passport size photos, group photo for , with family members and photo copy of ration card, and aadhaar card  are basic requirements for admission in our hostel.


The students are given freedom in running the Hostel mess, by forming various committees.
Mess bill  is prepared by the students committee by way of  dividing system.


Good Drinking Water
Newspapers, Weekly Magazines, TV and Play materials
Twin sharing room with individual cot / Individual rooms.
Wi fi  facilities 

The Students are instructed to save water / electricity.
The students should follow the timings for mess strictly.
The students should remit the mess bill within the prescribed time in the college office.
The students are instructed to practice the silence during the study hours 
The girl students can pay visit to their homes once in a month, with the permission of the warden only.
The Hostel Students should not entertain the Days scholar students inside the Hostel premises.   
The Attendance will be taken by the concerned warden during the study hours. 
The students must submit address of the  local guardian for further communication.