Overview of Extension Centre

As the very name of the college is self – explanatory the focus of education in this institute is selfless service to society. As such the vision of the college lays emphasis on the development of human resources in order to serve humanity. Nearly half a century back when students were particular in choosing the               career – oriented studies which would unlock the golden period of bright future through hortative jobs, Capt. DVP Raja, the founder of this institute chose to pursue the course in social work so as to render tireless service to the society, particularly for the upliftment of the downtrodden. 
As a true visionary he founded this institute on 2nd October 1969, on Gandhiji’s Birth Centenary Day to provide Post Graduate Education in Social Work at affordable cost, particularly to the socially, economically and educationally backward and first generation students. 
The ever-vibrating mind of founder which centres around the welfare of the society and students, day-in and day-out, conceived an innovative way of fulfilling the vision and mission of the institute. The result is the formation of twelve centers, a unique brain-child of the founder, to instill the spirit of service and particulars as well, into the students. All these centers started in quick succession, in the past have proved an important and indispensable step in helping the students to fully understand the motto of the college ‘strive to serve’.
In order to upload the value of the precept that practice is better than preaching. The teaching – learning process in this institute is extended outside the classroom and college campus the Ground Zero through these centers, where not only our students but also our staff gets intellectually sharpened and spiritually fortified. Thus the projection and formation of these centers, as a bridge between the class room and community, which in turn yield a rich harvest in the long run.    

  1. Centre for Vivekananda Studies
  2. Centre for Indian Culture and  Heritage for Humanism
  3. Health Awareness Centre
  4. Centre for Human Resource Development
  5. Centre for Madurai Studies
  6. Centre for Local Bodies
  7. Centre for Women Studies
  8. Centre for Studies in Poverty
  9. Centre for Gandhian Studies
  10. Centre for Entrepreneurship Development
  11. Centre for Disaster Management
  12. Centre for Buddha Studies
  13. Centre for Thiruvalluvar Studies
  14. Centre for Thirumoolar Studies
  15. Centre for Thiruvallar Studies
  16. Centre for Information Technology for Social Development
  17. Centre for Jesus Studies
  18. Centre for Mohammed Nabi Studies
  19. Counselling Support Centre
  20. Centre for Child Development