Counselling Support Centre

The centre was established in the year 2001through which counselling services are rendered to students and public. It focuses on students with problems. Individual counseling is given to people who voluntarily fix an appointment with the Counsellor. Besides individual Counselling group counseling is also arranged in summer, group counseling conducted by our centre. The counseling really helps the individuals to face their own problems and make efforts to solve them by themselves.


  1. To bring out the inner potential of students
  2. To offer psycho-social support to the students
  3. To strengthen the self-esteem and boost their morale


  1. Providing  counselling services to students who are in difficult situation
  2. Handling adolescence related behaviour issues of our students
  3. Providing training on counselling techniques
  4. Providing career counselling

Department of Social Work specialising in the field of Medical and Psychiatry is entrusted with responsibility for running the Counselling support centre.