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Herbal Garden (Nature's Garden)

In primitive communities many health care methods were developed based on the experiences of the people. People in different communities had their own interpretations and perceptions about various health problems. The traditional medicines which are mainly based on herbal plants originated in such a way only. According to Khanna, “every country has traditional cure for  diseases. From homely recipes to complicated modes of treatments are found to have evolved, depending on the geographical position of the country, its culture, mineral resources and such other factors”. She further asserts  that in Indian context myriad herbs, spices and plants have played a great role in that accumulation of ancient medical knowledge through the ages. The ancient Indians acquired the knowledge of the properties of our plant life by observation, experience and trial.

As traditional health care goes hand in hand with the cultural background of the population it is easily accepted with full benefits by the  groups”concerned. - (khanna). Though folk medicines/home remedies are effective, they are given secondary importance because of the rapid development of modern medicine. Some of the home medicines for various health problems are simple to prepare with the materials available in kitchen and they have got excellent curative effects. Such herbs based health practices have disappeared to a larger extent from our culture. They are highly useful in preventing and curing diseases.


  1. To create awareness among the public to have a pollution- free environment.
  2. To educate the public on  the importance of herbal values to the society.
  3. To facilitate the implementation of traditional herbal medication.
  4. To inculcate the vivid importance of green environment to have a healthy and sustainable society.