Research & Consultancy

The Research Centre helps to facilitate and monitor research activity.IT consists of faculty members who guide the students' dissertations and faculty who undertake  research activity on behalf of the institute.

The center does two types of work . 1) Preparing research proposals for funding organizations based on their need and type of research  scrutinizing the tools of research and submitting the proposal on time.

2) Preparing  time schedule for the students' project work for the post graduate  courses, allotment of guides to students, monitoring the research activities of the students, conducting short term research courses, arranging the viva-voce etc.

A separate manual is used to guide the research activities of the students. Faculty  members are encouraged to update their knowledge and skills through faculty improvement programme. the faculty Improvement Programme includes higher Studies like M.Phil and Ph.D programmes and short term programmes like refresher courses and orientation programmes, under the UGC sponsorship. 

Participation of the students in research through the academic programme :

PG students of MSW, MHRM and MS (ITM) have to do dissertation in partial fulfilment of their degree requirement. They are taught research methodology for about 90 hrs in a year and provided practical training in undertaking research work. Research guidance is provided in III and IV semesters for 30 minutes per week for each student. The institute also offers M.Phil and Ph.D research courses in Social Work.